Awkward (Engineer) Valentines and the Cutest Story Ever

Hey Everyone,

We just released a new feature to the Awkward Engineer Store. Gift cards! A lot of customers requested them and now they're available here! With Valentines day coming up, it makes the great gift of choice for someone you care about.

Speaking of Valentines day coming up, we got permission from Alice* (the names have been changed), to share the sweetest customer story we've ever heard here at Awkward Engineer. (Beneath the goofy awkwardness, we might be softies.)

The Sweetest Customer Story

So Alice contacted us asking about delivery status on her pre-ordered AWK-105 Clock. She knew it wouldn't be ready for Chistmas, but she wanted to give it as a late gift to her retired electrical engineer boyfriend. "Retired electrical engineer boyfriend?" we thought, and updated her that we were only a few days away from shipping.

She said thank you for the update and sent me a picture of the two of them and told me she was hoping he'd propose! (keep reading below...)

We asked her a few days ago for the update, because we were so curious. This is what she wrote back.

Hi Sam!

(No proposal, but then we're both pretty old for contracts!) The best part was when I called him to tell him his late Christmas present had arrived. He was home in Wisconsin and I was home in Chicago. I hadn't given him any hints at all about the clock, just that the present would be SO NEW that nobody had one like it AND that it was an engineering marvel! Two days later and my doorbell rang - there was Bob* (name changed), after a 4-hour drive, to get his present, which was all beautifully wrapped and sitting, lonely, under the Christmas tree!

The electrical engineer opened it, didn't say a word but checked it out thoroughly and then looked at me and uttered only one word with a grin on his face: "Cool!!" Then, he asked for a tiny Phillips screwdriver, took off the clock's back cover, inserted the battery and checked out everything inside it. I gave up, went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of wine - a good thing, because by the time I returned, the clock had been figured out, set, and was keeping perfect time - in the hands of a very happy guy - who told me to lean down and gave me a VERY warm "thank you" kiss! (Which was also VERY cool!!!)

Sam, it was well worth the wait! The clock arrived exactly when you said it would! And it was even more fun to see the minutes and hours change than I thought it would. And Bob is so hard to impress, but we DID IT!! Thank you so much for all your help!

Your friend,

Alice (Sure, use the picture only for Valentine's Day, but no names, please - and put me on your fans' list because I AM one!!!)

Happy Valentines Day!

Have a happy Valentines day, everyone. We've been busy beavers here at Awkward Engineer. Our 3rd batch of Clocks is wrapping up production and we're looking forward to getting those all squared away so we can get going on some new projects.

Best regards!
aka THE Awkward Engineer

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