Thanks for Everything! It's been a heck of a run!

Hi everyone! Awkward Engineer has been a blast. For the time being, we're nearly out of stock on everything, with no immediate plans to resupply. As I've gotten busier with my day job, I haven't needed Awkward Engineer to the same degree as a creative and entrepreneurial outlet.

In the meantime, I plan to maintain the site as a portfolio of work and I would like to continue non-commercial development of projects.

And who knows. Never say never. We may be back :-)

Sam aka THE Awkward Engineer

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All Children Love Trains (and Other Insights from the AwkEng)

Hi all! No deep insights or problems to solve today, just some notes and thoughts from things I've seen or that occurred to me on my daily walk....
The AwkEng Hot Cocoa Recipe (and Cooking Cheat Sheet)

The AwkEng Hot Cocoa Recipe (and Cooking Cheat Sheet)

Hi all, Today's post was an excuse to talk about cooking, thermal engineering, graphic design, and hot cocoa, all in one post. I love cooking, and ...
The AwkEng Gives Away Free Ideas

The AwkEng Gives Away Free Ideas

Today's post is about two things. I want to talk about time and I want to talk about free ideas.

I want to talk about time first, partly because this blog post is late, at least by my standards. Normally I write over the weekend and then schedule the post to ship on Tuesday morning. Clearly that didn't happen.

Under other circumstances, I might catch up during the week, but I'm starting a company, (oh! There's a website up now!, and unsurprisingly, it can be Intense, with a capital "I".

Which comes back to the question of time, and what we make time for. For me, writing this blog is therapeutic and a creative outlet that I've found incredibly cathartic during the pandemic, and it's a habbit I'd like to maintain. That makes it Important, but the Tuesday publishing deadline is entirely self imposed, so it's not truly Urgent either. The Eisenhower matrix would tell us to schedule it, which I think I'll do this weekend.