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Meditations on Balloons from the Awkeng

Hi all, I never knew how much I liked babies until I had one of my own. Aside from the snuggles and their adorable squish, I think one of the thing...
The AwkEng Avoids Integration Risk by Integrating

The AwkEng Avoids Integration Risk by Integrating

Hi all, Today's post shares some of my mental models for systems development. These models apply to software; they're harder to apply to hardware, ...

Deep Thought and Extreme Value Creation

Hi all, Since the start of COVID, I've tried to make a habit of going for a daily walk. I've experimented with it in all sorts of ways, i.e. taking...

Store Status as of 2021

Hi everyone! Awkward Engineer has been a blast. For the time being, we're nearly out of stock on everything, with no immediate plans to resupply.

Lately, Awkward Engineer has been more of a blog, but who knows. Never say never. The store may be back :-)

Sam aka THE Awkward Engineer