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Assistant to the AwkEng

Hi all! I've mentioned briefly in a few previous blog posts that I work with a personal assistant. Some readers expressed curiosity about this, so ...
The AwkEng Discovers a Better Way to Pop Popcorn

The AwkEng Discovers a Better Way to Pop Popcorn

Hi all! Today's post is about serendipity and discovering a better way to pop popcorn. It could be this is just common popcorn knowledge, but I did...

The AwkEng Leaves Bread Crumbs (and is Available for Your Podcast!)

Hi all, I'm issuing an open solicitation for recommendations and introductions to appear on podcasts. They're a lot of fun to record and I'd hap...

Store Status as of 2021

Hi everyone! Awkward Engineer has been a blast. For the time being, we're nearly out of stock on everything, with no immediate plans to resupply.

Lately, Awkward Engineer has been more of a blog, but who knows. Never say never. The store may be back :-)

Sam aka THE Awkward Engineer