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The AwkEng Keeps in Touch

Hi all, Today's post is about the system I use to keep in touch with former coworkers, colleagues, clients, and others. The punchline is that this ...

The AwkEng Builds a Basement Inventory System, Part 2

Hi all, Yak Shaving continues this week with development of a basement inventory system. Admittedly, I could probably look for an off the shelf sol...

The AwkEng Shaves a Yak and Builds a Basement Inventory System

Hi all, Today's post is what I'll call part one in a series documenting my efforts to build a basement pantry inventory system. The end goal is to ...

Store Status as of 2021

Hi everyone! Awkward Engineer has been a blast. For the time being, we're nearly out of stock on everything, with no immediate plans to resupply.

Lately, Awkward Engineer has been more of a blog, but who knows. Never say never. The store may be back :-)

Sam aka THE Awkward Engineer