Dial Designs and Supplier Meetings

Hi everyone! We are underway here at Awkward Engineer! Here’s the update:

Missed the Kickstarter?

If you missed the Kickstarter, Clocks will be available through the Awkward Engineer store front at full retail prices.


Dial Designs

We got a lot of feedback on ditching the logos on the dials themselves. Personally, we agree with that feedback, as we thought it added some clutter to the face of the Clock. The first image below is our top choice, but we have some other examples of different designs. We’re trying to finalize artwork for the Meters in the next few days so we can kick off orders.

Dial Numbering

The second item we were looking at was the numbering scheme on the dial. Because most people we know don’t read 12:05am as 00:05am, we thought we’d get better clarity on the clock face by having the hands go from 12-12, rather than 0-12. It’s a more intuitive comparison to how a traditional circular analog clock face is read. Again, here are a variety of options, but our top choice is on the left.

Supplier Selfies

At Awkward Engineer, we believe in working closely with suppliers and meeting with them face to face whenever possible. We’ve been keeping them posted as our Kickstarter met and exceeded it’s funding goals.

Supplier selfie

Jack and Harry, from Century-Tywood, will be handling sheet metal fabrication for the Clock.

If you’re curious about where all the parts come from, here’s the rundown:

Final Assembly - local to Boston, MA
Sheet metal fab - local to Boston, MA
PCB Assembly - localish to Boston, MA
PCB Components - globally sourced
Control Knobs - USA
Voltmeters - China

Because more than 70% of the Cost of Goods and substantial transformative processes will take place in the US, the would qualify for a Made in the USA sticker.

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