Steady Progress!

Hi all! We’re making steady progress on the Clocks now. At this point, we’ll mostly just be waiting for electronic parts to arrive.

A number of backers have asked about shipping surveys. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, we’ll be sending out a shipping survey as we near the end of the fabrication process.

Here’s the quick rundown on progress in the last two weeks:

Meters arrived from China

The meters arrived from China! We had shipped the factory a test rig, which worked great, then they sent us first articles to inspect. After testing the samples with an identical test rig on our end, we released payment and they released the shipment. The meters cleared customs without issue and are now in inventory.

The print quality on the scales looks fantastic and we’re pretty happy so far.

Voltmeter samples

Pre-Production Test Boards

We got the “Rev B” version of our circuit boards back from fab. We had added some features to the board, (changed some components, added a test port, added USB power option, added back light power ports, etc…) and wanted to make sure everything checked out with the new changes before ordering 500 pieces. We’ll also be using these boards to check out first article microchip to make sure it was burned at the distributor with the right firmware.

Prototype PCB

Remaining items

We’re looking forward to wrapping up the Rev B boards soon and then getting the Rev C production line spun up for 500 pieces! After that, we’ll be waiting for a few components, then finalizing our order for the sheet metal cases. After that… logistics for order fulfillment!

Best regards!

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