Case Painting

Hi all,

First, a quick note on shipping addresses. The finalized Kickstarter address survey went out last week. You should get an email confirming your address in the the next week or so when we transfer data from Kickstarter into our shipping system. Responding to that email is your last, best chance to let us know if your address is correct.

Parts are continuing to work their way through the queue! Again, they were delayed at the factory by having to wait our turn in line, but things are moving. Here’s a peek! Read on below for more details…

The painting/screenprint process should be done by monday next week. After that, it should be 1-2 weeks to finish assembly, and then shipping!

Best regards!

aka THE Awkward Engineer

A peek at the end result

painted case


Parts arrive at paint

parts arrive


Parts are wiped, blown dry, and hung on the line

conveyer belt

On the meat hook conveyor belt

conveyor belt

Into the powder booth

Small particles of plastic powder are sprayed onto the part and adhere using high voltage static electricity. The conveyor carries them into an oven and melts the particles to the part, leaving a smooth, tough, durable coating.

A jig made out of popsicle sticks is used to align the part to the silk screen. (High tech stuff!) In the photos below, they’re testing the alignment by screen printing onto a piece of clear tape, rather than ruining the part with a bad test.

The blank screen

blank silk screen

Squeegeeing ink on

squeegeeing ink

Lots of parts

lots of part

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