All Children Love Trains (and Other Insights from the AwkEng)

Hi all!

No deep insights or problems to solve today, just some notes and thoughts from things I've seen or that occurred to me on my daily walk.

  • Watching the Greenline Extension make progress is pretty cool. The shear amount of gravel and rock they've moved is hard to comprehend. It seems like literal mountains worth. Finding half a pound of pea gravel to line a planter was hard for me. Where do they get it all?

  • Since Somerville instituted a citywide plastic bag ban, I see less trash, at least in the form of plastic bags that get tangled up in bushes off the side of the road, or in chain link fences. It makes me wonder, do paper bags not get blown around the same way, or do they just dissolve in the rain?

  • There is a dog park that hosts a drop-off doggy day care. Watching doggies greet the pack when they are dropped off is the best. 10/10, highly recommend.

  • Occasionally my walk takes me past a playground that's built on the side of a hill overlooking some train tracks. The playground designers built an observation platform, specifically so children could watch the trains go by, and I think that's awesome.

    As I was crossing the bridge over the tracks, walking towards the playground, I could see a train approaching in the distance. It blew it's horn and I instantly heard shouts of glee from the kids at the playground who ran to the observation platform to watch the train.

    It occurred to me that it's universal, all children love trains.

    I stopped to watch the train, too.

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