Are Voltmeter Clocks Coming Back? Mini update!

Hi all,

This is a mini-teaser update on a few things we've been up to. We'll save the Clocks for the end, so scroll on down to the bottom if that's why you're here.

Book Report Teaser

Since the last Super Condensed Book Report, I've read High Output Management, Atomic Habits, and Asimov's The Gods Themselves. I'm in the middle of Working Backwards, and Inspired. I'm thinking about picking up George RR Martin's Fire and Blood, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, and Zero to One. I'll have another book report coming out soon.

I'll take book recommendations, too! Right now I'm interested in anything on UX, product management, business, or something fun in the sci-fi / fantasy genre.

Laundry Basket Update

Since Making Laundry Better with Lean Manufacturing Principles and Pop Psychology, I've been in touch with the Steele Canvas Basket Corp, which is just a few miles from where I live. I have a request in for an extra tall elevated basket to make laundry even better. (They do make elevated baskets, I just want an even taller one.)

I'm not sure where it will end up, but I'm hoping to get some cool factory photos, plus a perfect basket. No promises, but I'm optimistic.



Are the Voltmeter Clocks coming back soon? Quite possibly, definitely, maybe! We're exploring options for a small batch production run. Stay tuned, details to follow!


best regards!

aka THE Awkward Engineer


  • Hello. And Bye.

  • Help! I need a voltmeter clock for my studio control room. can you help?


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