AwkEng Calendar, 2023

Hi all!

I've long been fascinated with calendar visualizations, particularly ones that make it easier to correlate physical distance with temporal distance.

I drew a lot of inspiration from this Kickstarter for a wall calendar. In particular, I liked how it chunked the year into two week time blocks. My criticisms were that I didn't like the lack of boundaries around each date, I felt the white space around the borders was too empty and unbalanced and I didn't love the treatment of quarters and month designators on the left hand side.

Also, when i realized I could get large format printouts made at my local UPS store for 49 cents per square foot and a large wall chart would cost $3, my willingness to design my own went up exponentially.

Here's my calendar for 2023. You can download a .pdf here.

Best regards,
Sam Feller
aka THE Awkward Engineer


  • @tim, I know! there are a few errors in there and sharp eyed readers have been kind enough to point them out. haha, i swear I checked it about seven times over, too

    Sam aka THE AwkwardEngineer
  • Greetings, I was intrigued by the calendar. In fact considered downloading and printing to (very) large format paper. But. . . . where’s October 31st..?


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