Buyer's Delight

Hi all,

Short post today. I want to introduce a term I call "buyer's delight".

Buyer's delight is simply the opposite of buyer's remorse.

I find I tend to agonize over purchase decisions, think carefully before I buy something, and sometimes deliberately wait several months to see if I still really want a thing before deciding to get it.

So buyer's delight is the payoff when you repeatedly use a thing and continue to get satisfaction out of it. Buyer's delight is more than just satisfaction though, it's actually a little smile that I make to myself.

I find that buyer's delight occurs for me mostly with kitchen items, one particular pair of slippers that keeps me cozy, and a few select articles of winter clothing...

I hope the term helps you take a moment and enjoy the little things.

best regards,
aka THE Awkward Engineer

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