Restaurant Concepts from the AwkEng

Hi all,

I've always liked the idea of owning a restaurant, but the practical reality of it is that it's a grinding business to be in, and most restaurants don't make it at all.

That being said, restaurant concepts are still fun to cook up (dad joke!), and here are a few that I've been thinking of lately.

TREND - Trend serves nothing but a rotating menu of trending food items. The cupcake, cronut, and macron craze has long since peaked, but bubble tea and poke seem to be stirring up interest in the Boston area. TREND will be in a prime position to take advantage of the, um... trend, and attract customers who come back on a regular basis to try the best of whatever we're cooking up.

FLIGHT - For those who like to explore. Flight serves small plates, with multiple offerings for each menu item. Why serve one kind of chili when you can have Texas style, three bean, and vegetarian? A grilled cheese with American on Wonder has it's place, but let's compare it with a gruyere on sourdough, along with a cheddar on country wheat. Everything will be presented three ways. As a flight.

#WAFL - A restaurant that only exists to answer one question - will it waffle? It turns out, waffle irons can handle a whole lot more than simple waffle batter. Mac and cheese, turkey stuffing, tater tots... so many foods are enhanced when transformed into a crispy grid of flavor and crunch. #WAFL will share this knowledge with the world.

Bootleg Ice Cream - I have a seriously love for ice cream and I thought that soft serve would be the smallest investment to a get a shop set up and running. I looked into rents and thought, "Oh my god, that's a lot of ice cream to sell." Why go to all the expense of setting up a shop though? Bootleg Ice Cream run a soft serve machine out of my driveway, powered by an extension cord. I'm sure it'd be fun until the health inspector came. But by then, I'd own a soft serve machine.

That's all for now!

Best regards,
Sam Feller

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