The AwkEng Encounters the Spousal Veto (part Deux)

Hi all,

In a previous post, I wrote about how my best ideas were often killed in their nascent state. Typically, I'll brief the chairperson of my executive advisory board, who then uses the awesome power of their seat to issue what can only be described as the "spousal veto." Thus, the idea is nixed.

Necessity, as ever, remains the mother of invention, and I continue to generate ideas. I won't go as far as to say that it's the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that I'm taking arms against, but they're at the very least... inconveniences, where I find inspiration.

Here are some of the more recent ideas to encounter the spousal veto.

Living Room Overhead Industrial Tool Balancer

The television remote seems to mysteriously disappear from time to time. Fortunately, the the world of assembly line ergonomics and efficiency has the perfect solution to keeping tools just within arms reach, and yet, out of the way when not needed.

The Tool Balancer is a spring loaded, retractable device, used for suspending a tool from an overhead position, where it's easy to grab when needed, yet doesn't take up space on the work area.

My idea was to hang the remote from the ceiling, right within arms reach of the couch. Voila! No more lost remote! Unfortunately, this one didn't make it past review with the executive advisory board.

Tool Balancer

Pill-a-day Organizer, but for Floss

Pill a day boxes use a great combination of visual reminder / status and prep work to help stay on top of medical regimens. I thought the technology could be repurposed and applied to a daily flossing routine.

With small hooks to hang the floss for each day of the week, every SMTWHFS would show whether you'd flossed or not. Naturally, you'd hang it from suction cups, adhered to the bathroom mirror.

This one received a "hard no" in committee review.

Pill Box

Cat or Dog

I really like cats and dogs. This also received a spousal veto.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

I really like ice cream. It turns out, commercial grade soft serve ice cream machines can be purchased at the low end of the market for under $1200. That's not an impulse purchase for me, but I've definitely thought more than once about it. I've also thought about running an extension cord from the driveway to the street and just making people around the neighborhood happy.

This isn't a hard no, but the spousal veto isn't getting lifted until I find a space for a new appliance with a 20" x 30" footprint.

This Consignment Store Clown Painting

We needed some new décor for the office video call backdrop, but veto power was invoked instantly on this one. Never had a chance to bring it home.


best regards
Sam Feller
aka THE Awkward Engineer

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  • Yes yes your spose was of course correct as she is about most things… Here is the thing, the Nija Creami is the way to go as soft serve (and relatively healthy and highly delicious at that) can be made with protean powder and little else (yes protean powder) with only a much smaller investment and tiny foot print. Just please don’t tell her I suggested this if you try it as I am sure she will track down my spouse and I will be properly reprimanded…

    Matt Sylvestre

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