The AwkEng Finds Art All Around Him

Hi all,

This post is about finding and capturing art in the world around us.

It starts a few years ago, when my oldest kid was finally big enough to really imaginatively play with Duplos for the first time.

(Fun fact, my mom held my Duplos at her house for over 30 years. They made their way to my house and they still fit perfectly with my kid's brand new ones. I'm blown away, not just with the quality control, but that the product definition itself has remained so stable over time. Even more impressive is the color and dimensional stability; thirty years later, the Duplos haven't warped, cracked, faded, or shown any other signs of physical degradation. I'm thinking that if I hold onto both sets until I have grand kids, they'll still fit.)

Anyway, I noticed my kid leaving his Duplos in fun spots around the house, and I'd either see something surrealist and absurd that I wanted to capture, or I'd see a little window into his developing world that I wanted to hold on to.

I decided to create a photo challenge for myself. The rules were simple.

  1. I can't touch the Legos. I have to play it as it lies and shoot it as I find it. Any composition has to come from me moving the camera.

  2. I'm allowed to crop, edit, retouch etc.

The series is old, but I haven't had a great outlet to share it. I decided to share it here. With no further ado: The Found Lego Art Series

Two Lego People

Lego Bubbles

Under Couch

On Floor

The Train

Life Happens

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