The AwkEng Makes a Chrome Extension and Experiments on Himself

Hi all!

Today's post is seeking like minded Gmail/Hacker News/NY Times readers (3 of my top 4 most frequented websites. I'm still working on Reddit.) that are willing to test my Chrome extension.

For those following along at home, ever since I came back from an off the grid vacation, I've been really interested in tools to limit / manage my internet usage. The Chrome extension I made is testing a theory that eliminating the "variable reward" of internet use will make it easier to manage.

In short, the Chrome extension makes it so that I can visit Gmail, Hacker News, and the NY Times as often as I like, but when I do, there's nothing new there. It limits updates to once a day.

I'm experimenting on myself and so therefore incredibly biased, but I think it's helping me. The biggest change I've observed was an old habit of leaving items as "to-do's" in my inbox, checking Gmail out of boredom, then realizing it was the perfect time to do the "to-do's" and then actually getting to inbox zero. Which was satisfying.

If you'd like to try the extension, click here!

best regards
Sam Feller
aka THE Awkward Engineer

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