The AwkEng Organizes the Crayons

Hi all,

I hold it as a truth that Crayola brand crayons are the best and all other brands of crayon are inferior. Other crayons just aren't as smooth and don't put down color as well. I've known this since I was in kindergarten and it remains true to this day.

Rant aside, my kids had all their crayons in a giant bucket, which I thought made it hard to find the right color. After Googling for crayons holder CAD models, I decided I didn't like what was out there, and made my own.

The design was made using, you can view the model here.

Crayon Holder

The kids put the crayons back!

As expected, initial creation lead to an uptick in crayon based drawing. Less expected, the kids actually would put the crayons back in the holder on their own initiative.

best regards!
Sam Feller
aka THE Awkward Engineer

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