Model AWK-105AL Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock

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After a successfully funded Kickstarter last year, we're back with the Analog Voltmeter Alarm Clock.

The AWK-105AL Alarm Clock vs. The AWK-105

 The key differences between the AWK-105AL and the original AWK-105 are as follows.

  • Alarm vs. No Alarm
  • USB powered vs. Battery Powered
  • Backlight Option vs. No Backlight
  • AM/PM indicator vs. no indicator

ATTENTION: International Buyers

The Clock is USB powered and ships with a North American style USB wall wart power adapter. We're small and can't manage the SKU's to keep power adapters for each country, but because it's USB powered, you should be able to easily plug in to one of your own!

How to Read the Clock

The Voltmeter Clock uses dual analog meters to tell time - one for hours and and one for minutes. It's both stylish and functional!

Think of the Clock as replacing digital LCD's with analog readouts. Instead of seeing 04:57, the hours meter will point to the 4 and the minutes meter will point to 57. Just like a clock rolls over at midnight and noon, the time meters rolls over zero.

The clock uses an AM/PM light to distinguish between morning and night

The Technical Stuff

At Awkward Engineer,we love geeking out over the technical stuff. Here's some of the details of what the Clock is made of.

Quick Specs

  • approx 6" x 4" x 2"
  • USB Powered
  • ATtiny44 main CPU
  • dual analog meters
  • mode select knob - modes include: time set, alarm set, calibrate meter 1, calibrate meter 2, and "twitchy needle" display mode
  • time set / adjustment knob


Alarm Clock Instruction Manual

Video: Alarm Clock Assembly

Video: Setting the Alarm Clock