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FidgetWidget Pro

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Hi Everyone!

My next commercial project is the FidgetWidget. It stems from a love of all things mechanical and clicky. This isn't my first time bringing a product to life and I know from experience that it's a journey. If you'd like to contribute directly to the development effort, add your donation to the cart above. You'll get access to early prototypes and the most influence on my process.

If you'd like to join my list for free, I can promise you a fascinating first hand view of how things get made and significant discounts as a thank you for supporting me.

The FidgetWidget Vision

As with many AwkwardEngineer products, the FidgetWidget came from a stubborn engineer's notion that "I Can Make It Better." I love clicking things (See the Panic Button Light Switch) and wanted to make something with a hefty, substantive weight. An industrial grade toggle switch mounted in a block of metal seemed like the way to go.

How You Can Guide the Vision

I have a lot of questions still about what the FidgetWidget can be. Should it be aluminum? Steel? Maybe even tungsten? What finishes and colors should it have? Should I tweak the shape? What about offering a series of different kinds of switches? I want to hear from you. Email us at

What a Prelaunch Donation Gets You

A prelaunch donation means I know that people are committed to this. I will use the money to buy raw materials to make prototypes. My plan is to ship those prototypes back to prelaunch customers. It might not be perfect, but you'll get a Widget faster than anyone else and have the largest influence on the design process.

My Track Record

I have a history of successfully delivering products that are designed, engineered, and made by me. First and foremost, this includes the Clock Kickstarter, but also the Alarm Clock and the Placemat. My reputation and ability to deliver is something I work hard to maintain. This is my promise to you that I'm here to make good on this.