The Model AWK-105 Voltmeter Clock... coming soon!

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The Clock

The Model AWK-105 Voltmeter Clock is a fully functional clock and stylish conversation piece.

  • Dual analog meters - one "meter" for hours and another for minutes
  • Powder coated sheet metal construction. No cheap plastic.
  • Knob selector switches to set and adjust time

The Email List

If you like learning how things get made then you'll like our mailing list. This is our 4th product launch and we'll be sharing behind the scenes info from our development process, including mechanical design, prep for manufacture, and marketing.

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How to help

The easiest way to help is to spread the word. Tell people about this sign up page and get them on the email list. Have more to offer? If you have skills in the following areas and want to help we'd love to hear from you. email

  • PCB design / layout
  • mechanical and electrical component sourcing
  • marketing / e-commerce
  • Contribute to our Github

A Great Conversation Piece

The fully functioning clock makes a wonderful display piece for your desk or for your workshop.

Gorgeous, Analog Dials

One dial displays the hours, one dial displays the minutes. A moving coil / permanent magnet mechanism smoothly drives the needles.

Dual Control Knobs

Retro control knobs select between calibration modes to set the time and to adjust the dials.