Model AWK-106 Flying Fun Plane

Model AWK-106 Flying Fun Plane

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The AWK-106 Flying fun plane is a COMPLETELY FREE  and open source project with manufacturing and design files to build your own laser cut cardboard airplane toy. The design files are public on the internet right now, but the shopping cart will accept a payment, if you'd like to make one.

Bill of Materials / Full Product Definition
Manufacturing Files
Onshape Design Files
Github full project

The Backstory

There had been a couple project ideas kicking around in my head. First of all, I had access to a laser cutter and wanted to make something for my kid. Second, I wanted to create a simple example project that shows all the work that goes into a product.

About Design Files and Manufacturing Files

Even though the fun plane itself is just two parts, it shows the level of detail that goes into making a product. For example, there is the finished wing part, the cardboard it was made from, and the manufacturing file that is sent to the laser cutter to make it. That one simple part is actually three things! And that's not even counting the extraneous material to the product itself, which includes the packaging, the label and label artwork, or supporting media collateral so we can put pictures up on this website!

Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to share, so enjoy! Its all part of being an #engineerdad.

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