Model AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock

Model AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock

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The AWK-105

The Voltmeter Clock uses dual analog meters to tell time - one for hours and and one for minutes. It's both stylish and functional!

How to Read the Clock

Think of the Clock as replacing digital LCD's with analog readouts. Instead of seeing 04:57, the hours meter will point to the 4 and the minutes meter will point to 57. Just like a clock rolls over at midnight and noon, the time meters rolls over zero.

The Technical Stuff

At Awkward Engineer, we love geeking out over the technical stuff. Here's some of the details of what the Clock is made of.

Quick Specs

  • approx 6" x 4" x 2"
  • powered by one AA battery
  • ATtiny44 main CPU
  • dual analog meters
  • mode select knob - modes include: time set, calibrate meter 1, calibrate meter 2, and "twitchy needle" display mode
  • time set / adjustment knob

User Manual