Limited Edition - Eject & Launch Buttons

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Did we get these Launch and Eject buttons by breaking and entering into the cockpits of F-22 jet fighters? Obtain them from overseas military surplus black market dealers? Who knows. Either way, they're a great addition for any home lab, nerd-cave, ham shack, or kid's room.

(Yes, it's a real light switch, that turns on and off the lights!)

Tech Specs:

  • Did we mention it's a dimmer switch too? The dimmer switch is rated for 600W @ 120VAC.
  • Kit includes steel faceplate, screws, and all necessary wiring.
  • Dimmer may not be compatible with CFL lighting. :‑(

Outside the United States?

Attention international customers! We are frantically working on getting switches rated for 50Hz/220V. Sign up and we'll let you when they're available.