The Awkward Engineer Evades the Spousal Veto

Hi all!

Today's post is about ideas that went to review with my executive advisory committee, passed, and came to fruition. I've written twice in the past about how the committee often fails to see the brilliance of my project proposals, but the committee wields the power of the "spousal veto" judiciously, so it only seems fair to talk about what has been approved.

Watering Can / Laboratory Chemical Wash Bottle

I picked up a few small plants for my office and found I was making a mess watering them. I tried a couple small bottles/watering cans and found I didn't like the ergonomics or lack of control when pouring. Turns out, this is a solved problem though, and there a laboratory grade squeeze bottles with perfectly angled dispensers that make it easy to shoot a downward stream of water, right where you want it. Plus, I think the bottle looks cool.

Louvered Bin Racks

Industrial parts bins are the best and put anything that The Container Store sells to shame. They're sturdy, colorful, and stackable, but they have two particular features I love. First, they have open fronts, so it's visually very easy to see what's in the bin and also very easy to reach in and grab what's in them. Second, they have a lip on the back that's meant to hang from a louver panel. That means that you can instantly sort and rearrange them on a panel wall and also grab the bin off the panel if you want to bring it over to where you're working. I use the bins for my clothes, for the kids toys, for my workbench, and in my home office.

Borosilicate Beaker / Coffee Cup

Apparently, you can just buy high quality, lab grade beakers on the internet. They'll sell them to anybody. I have a heavy walled, 400ml beaker, and it is now my favorite coffee cup. It's sturdy, cleans easily in the dishwasher, and I love the aesthetic.

Shop Shirts

I don't think I'm known for having good fashion sense, but maybe people who know me would say I have a distinct sense of fashion? Regardless, when I was working at my first startup (now defunct), I wanted to enjoy dressing like I no longer had a corporate office job, but I didn't want to wear t-shirts every day, either. As the company's mechanical engineer (in addition to many, many other hats), I was often in the shop, and I thought the workwear look seemed pseudo professional without being corporate. My first kid was born around that time, and I was jealous that all his clothes had cute dinosaurs on them. A few iron-on patches later, and sometimes I tell people I work for the Blue Dinosaur Company.

Form follows function!

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aka THE Awkward Engineer

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